Track: A Reason To Deceive
Artist: Live Like Glass
Album: Always Unrequited
Track: Set Me On Fire
Artist: Buried In Verona
Album: Faceless
Track: Nothing To Fear
Artist: Hide & Dream
Album: The Arsonist
Track: Crooked Conqueror
Artist: Reclaimer
Album: Survive
Track: Sabretooth
Artist: Hail to the King
Album: Dynasties
Track: My Fight
Artist: From Ashes to New
Album: From Ashes to New
Plays: 69
Track: Lost & Alone
Artist: The Stoic
Album: Lost in Darkness
Track: Heavy Hearts
Artist: A Thousand Years
Album: Watchtowers
Track: Sleepwalker
Artist: Fear of Dreams
Album: Sleepwalker - Ep
Track: Real Friends
Artist: Across The Atlantic
Album: First Things First EP